Hello, welcome to our Ableton Beta Testing Platform at Centercode! 

Ableton (Ableton AG, Schönhauser Allee 6-7, D-10119 Berlin, Germany) is happy that you followed your personal invitation link and want to become a part of our Ableton Beta Testing community here on Centercode. Only with the help of our great community can we continue to improve our Ableton products and ensure bug-free end products. We have listed below briefly your rights and duties and what you can expect from Ableton in return.

  1. Rights and duties of Ableton
  • Ableton provides a Platform for all Ableton Beta Testers to exchange information about Ableton products and to improve them together with the Ableton team
  • You get a unique and exciting opportunity to chat with other testers as well as Ableton employees via our Tester forums and get a bit deeper into the Ableton world
  • Ableton employees are available to you in the Bug report section and in the Tester forums
  • Ableton may evaluate your feedback to improve the product and contact you for further information to help making Ableton's products even better
  • Ableton may check your credentials in order to determine your eligibility as Ableton Beta Tester and whether Ableton’s confidentiality criteria are met. If you do not meet aforementioned criteria, you may be denied from partaking in the Ableton Beta Testing community and/or be excluded from ongoing Beta Tests, at Ableton’s sole discretion. To this extent Ableton may ask you to enter into a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), as Ableton deems necessary. Not entering into a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) may result in exclusion from the Ableton Beta Testing Community.
  1. Rights and duties of Ableton Beta Testers
  • You get the chance to improve our Ableton products together with us. We will respond directly to your feedback and strongly consider your suggestions when improving our products. This gives you the unique chance to participate in shaping the Ableton products!
  • You can create a profile on our Centercode platform and choose an avatar.
  • As mentioned above you will test our products extensively and provide us with bug reports, feedback and suggestions.
  • We are especially grateful for our loyal Ableton Beta Testers: You will benefit from many advantages: You will ultimately get a better, more stable release version, and actively contribute crafting and polishing this version. You will receive bugfixes for various issues much earlier than regular customers will. 
  • Please make sure that you always follow the Ableton community guidelines: Our Platform is free of abuse and discrimination. We only want our Beta Testing community to be a respectful and friendly environment. Furthermore, we do not tolerate any criminally relevant behavior on our Platform.
  • Please only provide us with data and information that is legally permitted. Please also respect the intellectual property rights of other persons.
  1. Data Protection and Privacy

Ableton takes Data Protection and your Privacy very seriously. You can find more details in our Privacy Information for Ableton Beta Testers at Centercode.